Our Story

In 1994, a group of students in Fort William, Scotland, set up an art studio in Room 13, Caol Primary School. They formed a management team, opened their own bank account and ran the studio as a business. They employed an Artist in Residence, bought in equipment and supplies, staged exhibitions, took on commissions, sold photographs, stationery and artworks to generate a profit and occasionally applied for grants to fund their ongoing activities.

What Happens In Room 13?

From the original studio in Scotland, Room 13 grew to establish an international network of student run arts studios, serving an expanding community of young artists in schools and communities worldwide. Each Room 13 studio is founded on business principles and facilitates the work of young artists alongside a professional adult artist in residence.

Charitable Aims

Room 13 International is our charitable organisation, formed in 2009 to embody the worldwide network of Room 13 studios. Our role is to support these studios and promote the value of a higher quality of creative, entrepreneurial education with particular emphasis on philosophy and the arts.

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